Seb Leney

Canadian graphic designer, illustrator, and web developer.

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Graphic designer, illustrator, and web developer, Sebastian (Seb) Leney enjoys exploring different ways to express his creativity. When he isn’t working on a project, he is testing new coding techniques, crocheting his own patterns, or trying a new drawing medium. He doesn’t let “I don’t know” stop him from learning anything he has an interest in.

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Image of promotional poster for The Dears

The Dears

Promotional Poster

The objective of the Dears poster was to promote an upcoming show at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg, MB.

The band members are organized into shards and pieced together to show not only the unity of their voices and instruments, but to also unify the piece. Simple blue for the background brings to focus to the white text which is balanced by the black imagery. The logo for the WECC offsets the darker area in the top right. The headline is under the main singers eye to bring emphasis to her.


Portage Place

Logo Design

The objective was to redesign the logo of the Winnipeg Portage Place Mall to change the public's opinions of it to be more positive.

The logo was a main part of the redesign; it is made up of four different coloured arrows pointing towards the centre. The colours show the directions of the city as well as diversity that the mall hopes to draw in. They point to a central point, the mall. The slogan to accompany is “the place to be” as a play off of the mall’s name. The logo is paired with the Avenir typeface to keep it clean, welcoming, and open.

Image of the exterior of the Portage Place Mall with the rebranded logo
Image of the main screen of the Just Like You app

Just Like You

Social Awareness Project

The objective was to bring awareness to a social issue using both a digital platform and a printed one.

Just Like You is an LGTB++ book and app paired together to help bring awareness to the general public to remove stigmas and relieve some of the negativity surrounding it. To do this, the book profiles average people who fall on the spectrum and outside of it to show how they are the same as non-LGBT++ individuals. The app has a question and answer function to allow individuals to ask questions anonymously or under a username to help reduce assumptions. A chatroom and social thread are included to help promote friendships along the way.


Chroma Coffee

Perfect Bound Report

The objective was to produce a perfect bound booklet showcasing the Chroma Coffee Company and their year-end financials.

Chroma Coffee care about every level of their company. To show this the report uses overlaying clear plastic sheets to create an image and layered graphics as a way to show the layers of the company. The imagery used focuses on not only the coffee, but the consumer and the baristas who produce and serve the coffee to.

Image of the cover of the Chroma Coffee report
Image of the redesigned covers of the Infernal Devices books

Infernal Devices

Book Jacket Series

The objective was to create a series of book jackets using only two colours and typography.

The Infernal Devices is a science fiction novel that uses automatons as part of their antagonist. As a way to show this, letterforms from the titles were taken and used to create makeshift cogs. Red is used as the main colour due to its menacing overtone. The background of the jackets is a 90% black with pure black letterforms overtop to add depth behind the red ones.


The Walrus

Magazine Cover and Print

The objective was to create a cover for the Walrus magazine based off of a recent news article that can double as a print piece.

The news article is about the child welfare system and how it has been allowing children to fall through the cracks due to an out of date computer system, which is illustrated by cords and circuit boards and crumbling concrete. The children are blindfolded and walking off the edge into the waiting arms of a family, but some fall through the gaps into the pit. There’s a woman reaching for a child, but the cords are preventing her from going against the system, even to help.

Image of the cover of The Walrus artwork
Image of the Fringe Festival poster redesign

Fringe Festival

Promotional Poster and Campaign

The objective was to promote a festival in order to bring in new patrons.

The Fringe Festival is unique; each year the artists and performers have complete control over their content. This means each year is a unique experience, for better or for worse, and anything can happen. The wordmark for the Fringe has close kerning and a tilted G as if it was hit by a performer. It is splattered with colour to help illustrate the diversity that the patrons have come to expect. In the background is a splattered egg as a way to show playfulness and to bring some messiness to the overall look.